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Kalaty - Soumak

2'x3' Rect.$170.00 Add to Cart
2'6"x8' Runner$570.00 Add to Cart
2'6"x10' Runner$720.00 Add to Cart
2'6"X12' Runner$860.00 Add to Cart
3x5 Rect.$430.00 Add to Cart
4'x6' Rect$690.00 Add to Cart
6' Round$1,030.00 Add to Cart
6' Square$1,030.00 Add to Cart
6x9 Rect.$1,540.00 Add to Cart
8' Round$1,830.00 Add to Cart
8' Square$1,830.00 Add to Cart
8x10 Rect.$2,290.00 Add to Cart
9'x12' Rect.$3,090.00 Add to Cart
10' Round$2,860.00 Add to Cart
10' Square$2,860.00 Add to Cart
10'x14' Rect.$4,000.00 Add to Cart
12'x15' Rect.$6,320.00 Add to Cart
12'x18' Rect.$7,580.00 Add to Cart

A double sided hand woven rug made from a technique that produces a herringbone effect. Rugged authenticity enjoys a delicate application here. Thread by thread using premium wool each piece if woven with organic enthusiasm.

Color: Rust
Fiber: Wool
Weave: Hand-knotted

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