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Great learning experience

I teach interior design and have been taking my students to Max for several semesters now. He does a wonderful job of educating the students about area rugs and the design business. Some of the comments that I have received from students about the trip to AW Carpet are: "The most impressing thing was how informed Max was and how well he knew the product that he was selling with it's history and root's." "[Max] was really polite, and seemed to love answering our questions. This is the best field trip experience so far." "had a very welcoming and trustworthy owner and he knew so much, and introduced me to a lot of new things I never knew about carpeting and floor rugs." "The one idea that made an impression on me was that the best quality of carpeting and floor rugs can be better found at places like AW that value the customer and what they are selling, rather than cheating a customer out of their money. There are less companies that stay true to their customers and seeing that there are places and people still like that is great." Anu Thakur, PhD
Testimonial By: Anu Thakur Northridge CA 

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