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17th century French designers and makers created the art of making rugs with depth perspective. Aubusson rugs have been made for years and enjoyed by French figures such as Louis the XV, Napoleon, and Louis the XVI.

French designers Aubusson Rugs

The French artists and designers began the journey of curating exquisite pieces of carpets in the early 17th century. This trend has continued to live on even to this date. At AW Carpet, we feature a range of spectacularly designed Aubusson Rugs for sale exclusively in USA.

Each of our creation has been thought about and executed in the most perfect way. They feature the most intricate design work and have been a complete crowd pleaser. They are available in different designs and colored hues which are sure to add a charming essence to your home space.

Types of Aubusson Rugs Types of Aubusson Rugs

  • Woolen hand knotted blue rug
  • Woolen hand knotted burgundy rug
  • Woolen hand knotted green rug
  • Woolen hand knotted peach rug
  • Silk hand knotted navy rug
  • Silk hand knotted rose rug
  • Woolen handmade hooked design rug
  • Woolen hand knotted floral design rug
  • Safavieh Aubusson woolen machine knotted floral rug
  • Artistic silk handmade rug
  • Woolen hand-hooked floral rug

Choose from any of these wondrously crafted art pieces and transform your house into an elegant and classy space instantly.

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