Karastan Manifesto Rugs

Redefine elegance with Karastan Manifesto rug that stuns every onlooker. A subtle combination of styles from Persia, Sultanabad, Khotan and Agra, the neutrals of these rugs add a flair of opulence to any home or corporate space. Globally uniform designs of these rugs are a timeless piece that go with the changing interior. Durable solution to all your requirements of carpeting, these Karastan manifesto rug are a perfect decorating solution.

KARASTAN MANIFESTO RUG, A Reflection of Intricate Artistic Work

A reflection of intricate artistic work from the 19th century tastefully add the desired element of décor. Designed by distinguished craftsmen, these Karastans are an epitome of beauty as they are created by fresh unique ideas.

Rendering the look of perfect ancient rug look, these hand woven pieces of rugs come with a warranty. Detailing and design of each rug is unique as they are hand woven. An exotic reflection of human crafting skills and hi-quality wool is what makes it a grand endeavor.


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